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We discover, build, and deliver digital solutions, from concept to transformational impact.

While we treat every business like it’s our own, our team has special expertise in these industries.

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We’re a group of endlessly curious people committed to driving innovation in a constantly changing world. While the way we work evolves, our values form our foundation and drive us to make an outsized impact on our clients, each other and our community.

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You need your digital solutions to matter.

We guide courageous executives and aspirational leaders who are tasked with closing the gap between ambition to reality while solving complex problems for their organizations.


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We show you the future of work.

Our way of approaching our work involves actually seeing and understanding our environment, along with questioning and reframing our current assumptions which have led us to innovate consistently and will continue to for years to come.

The result: Insights that drive innovation forward.

Oct 11, 2021

Things we say at TXI

Does your organization have its own lingo? I’m thinking of words or phrases that are almost immediately associated with a particular person, team, or practice. Having worked at TXI for 2+ years, I’ve been reflecting on how our organization speaks to and with each other and why those personalized sayings become the glue that keeps our organization strong.

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Teams x Inclusion

Antiracism is

the default.

Our commitment to justice doesn’t only manifest in the work we do with mission-driven partners. As we learn how to make our products more accessible and inclusive, we apply those learnings to our future work and to ourselves. This helps us not only improve the accessibility and inclusivity of digital experiences broadly but also educate our client partners about how to work with issues of justice at the forefront.

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